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Since the late 60′s young generations are lead by youth rebellion like Punk or Rock'n'Roll, but nostalgia doesn’t explain the survival of these trends as a sprawling global subculture. There is something there, some irreducible core attitude – that continues to thrive even when Joe Strummer is dead and Johnny Rotten disappeared.

Some day in August 2012 – 3 fellas, who are known as the Space Cowboys London, in leather jackets and hats gathered together in a Notting Hill flat, smoked their cigarettes and listened to The Libertines – it was the end of the summer, lots of hotspots closed down and the scene has changed – an idea was found.

It was high time to invent something new, something our generation can identify with or just follow because they wanna hang out at a place where no rules and consequences exist.

Long story short, Tec'n'Roll was born...
People who live a rock & roll lifestyle but listen to techno/electro music when they go out.... they dont look like the newrave kids anymore

Girl: damn you look so Tec'n'Roll ;-)

Dude: what did you say? the music is too loud
by Lisa Worthwhile March 05, 2013