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Tea bagging someone while doing the Tebow. Dropping your nuts in someones mouth while down on one knee, head down and fist to your forehead.
I Tebow bagged Mandi while she was passed out last night.

If anyone passes out early tonight I'm so going Tebow Bagging.
by Faster_b December 08, 2011
The combination of the popular celebrations of Tebowing and teabagging. In this you drop to one knee in prayer for your accomplishment while also dropping your nutsack on the face of the person your victory came at the expense of. This celebration allows you to fulfill your commitment to the Lord all the while showing your opponent who is boss.
The tight end could be seen Tebowbagging the safety that blew the coverage after his game-winning 50 yard touchdown reception.
by shoujoboy January 02, 2012
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