1. To end the life of someone who is on your team (usually intentionally).

2. To end the life of multiple people on your team (usually intentionally).

"You team-killing fucktard!"

"This noob always comes in and team-kills all day."
by IpWn/\/00b5 December 09, 2006
Top Definition
Like a Kill, except instead of killing an enemy to get it, you kill a teammate. This is much easier, becasue they don't expect it. You can, for example, walk up to them and Pistol whip them to death. But, once they're onto you, it gets alot harder. And a name like Rampant Teamkiller doesn't exactly help.
Pvt_ryn272 was sitting on the ridge of a hill when Rampant, his teammate, walked up behind him and emptied his mp44 into Pvt_ryn's ass. Rampant was awarded with a team kill, and walked away a much better person.
by Rampant Teamkiller July 07, 2004
actions taken (usually by a n00b) as an individual which has a negative affect on a group to which he belongs.
brian's n00b thread on AC2 is really a teamkill for us at G2P.
by tethys January 08, 2004
When a douche bag on your team is killing his team mates because he is such a noob, he cant kill the other team
Hey! My partner just killed me. He sucks at this game. He Keeps Teamkill(ing)
by Axel Schuck June 14, 2007
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