A team on the internet. Mostly teenagers. They take over small things on the internet such as messageboards,online radio stations,etc. They first started taking over a radio station called MMO.
dude:oh no my messageboard is being spammed with things like lawlz,o rly? and pictures of donkeys!!!!
girl:it might be those team beta keys kids...
by jenrly? July 17, 2006
Top Definition
A team of kids that take over little places, taking them over one at a time. Often unexpected, and it's nearly impossible to figure out it's them till after their damage has been done. Like a virus, but a little less evil. Originally took over an online radio station. Made the radio stations history books, that's for sure.
Person 1: Woah, what does lawlz mean?
Person 2: I don't know.
Person 3: Doesn't Team Beta Keys use that?
All 3: Oh crap
by Kassie623 July 16, 2006
A group of cool homeslices that like to invade.
Person 1:Team Beta Keys pwn your website!!
Web Owner:yeah I know
by jess1ca01 August 22, 2006
A wonderful group of people that came together to show that a few people can do big things.(like take over) There are always those kids, who, no matter what, have that twinkle in their eyes. Because they're always holding back. We are a gang.
"Hey, are you in Team Beta Keys?"
"Can you tell me what a beta key is?"
"No.I have no idea."
by tbker July 17, 2006
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