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Initially formed in the fight to rid the world of Jäger (aka Jäger Quest) by drinking it dry, Team EPIC is a remarkable, awe-inspiring duo with the sole purpose to save lives with nothing but awesomeness!

Team EPIC are fearless beyond measure and will stop at nothing to ensure that the levels of awesome are at their highest and that each adventure reeks of epic proportions.

People view Team EPIC as a form of enigma, with several believing that a team so awesome surely couldn’t exist. But with many becoming dependant on the “Awesome Fix” Team EPIC bring to the table during every adventure - it won’t be long before Team EPIC the world!
“Team EPIC is the shit!”
Dude, that was totally ‘Team EPIC’ Awesome!”
“The Team EPIC way is the right way!”
by missEPIC February 08, 2010
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