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A group of Rock Band players (aka, Faggots, Trolls) who love to add horrible players to the team according to the rock band community. These horrible players include the shirtless retard, the British kid who is allergic to chocolate, the emotionless kid with the bowl shaped haircut, the Indian fag with the tiny legs, the pothead who keeps a handful of sand in his pocket, and the fat retard who makes a living off of taking pretzels off of a moving belt. Team Biohazard is also known as Team Bio, Team BioFriends, Team BioTrolls, Team DinoHazard and Team BioRacist.
YouTuber 1: Did you hear Team Biohazard got a Full Band FC of "Hey John, What's Your Name Again?"

YouTuber 2: Who cares?
by ShirtlessTard July 18, 2010
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