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Teagan is a lying skank, and an ugly fake bitch she treats everyone like shit. She's a white indian. Everything that comes from her mouth is utter bull shit, dont ever date a teagan especially a tall blonde one cause they will lye too you, and cheat on you and treat you like shit. dont even think about being friends with one either. she may look innocent & sweet but in actual fact shes a big fat ugly thangg LOL. one day someone is going to knock her dot of her for head.
you: eyy look theres a tall blonde girl thats acting all bitchy and thinking that she owns the place, i that teagan?

Me: oh yeah wtf? thats teagan louise. she just so ugly, is she dumb? she better run or i will shoot her up the bum with a gun.
by yahdad. January 06, 2012
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