A fag that things he is big shit in a game known as goal line blitz
I R Tea baggins cobra kai es good because we haz 1 silvor trophee in 13 sesonzzz
by GLB FANS March 30, 2010
to dunk your nads in the bitches mouth.
You know... The old "In & Out" Routine.
It seems like Big Mamma was tea baggin too mucken futch...
I can't understand what his {or her?} definition is supposed to say? Big Mamma says: "UUUUUUHHHHH, iuyevosQK]Asijh AKYRefiwareuhrbtc98eas74hr=-" What evah!!!
by mavros April 16, 2006
strange obsession involving the male baw sack and a woman/man's mouth that the basketball team of Gryffe High School seem to have!
aww man he tea bagged him a peach!
by big mamma April 01, 2005
when a man places his scrotom on somone's face while that person wheter it be a male/female is sleepin, very unexpecting and takes a picture for proof
I tea bagged my boyfriend last nite
by big_wood August 18, 2005
when a geezer squats over his girlfriend whilst she's got her gob open. He then dips his bollox in and out until he gets bored. This can be done to a man or woman and preferably the tea bagee should be asleep to avoid having to get consent.
She was asleep and looked like snow white, so I started tea baggin her.
by djiki June 25, 2007
In BDSM circules, particularly femdom, teabagging has a different meaning.

You take a male, possibly tied up, and a glass of ice water and move the glass so that his balls are submerged in ice water. It is important to bob them on and off or he will just go numb. Much more painful to do it on and off. It is even more effective if you switch between ice cold, and very warm water. (Not hot water, you do not want to cause burns. It should be cool enough to comfortably hold your finger in it for a full minute.)

If the bottom isn't tied up then there is a psychological aspect to it. And if there is D/s involved then the bottom might be ordered to do the bobbing.

Girls should think about this if they are asked if they want to try teabaggin
My girlfriend punished me with a teabaggin.
by Jessica9 August 19, 2005
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