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During consensual tea bagging, the girl is sucking on the guy's balls when he rubs one out from above. The distance he cums determines the bragging right.
"Yo he jizzed on my tits while tea bagging, he can't tea-brag about nothin"
"Yo she said he busted on her toes while tea bagging, how's that for a tea-brag?!"
by supreme cream November 04, 2009
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having a brag during your lunch break
colin: "why are you back at your desk?"
daisy: "it's not a fucken tea break out there, it's a fucken teabrag! The bitches have teabragged for the last ten minutes and I can't take anymore! It's giving the shits actually!"
colin: "hahaha ohhhh ok then"
by *WorldWordMasterNumberOne4Eva* November 30, 2008
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