a semi or full pack of cigarettes(tays)
pull into ghandi mart i need tays!
by katotool April 16, 2007
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a sexy biatch
That Tay at the party last night was hitting on you!-like totaly man!-TOTALY!
by Tay March 29, 2003
short for taylor.
good looking girl, normally with blue or brown eyes. amazing figure, and has a quite outgoing ego. caring and loving, quite a partyer. a down to earth girl who is easy to fall for. if you meet a tay, your should love her and cherish her.
that girl was so amazing she could be tay.
by wowshesahottie August 18, 2008
Usual a short blond girl, normally with curls but prefers it straight. Seen mostly with brilliant bright blue eyes.

An extremely loud, outgoing and enthusiastic person. Not afraid to express her true feelings and a very affectionate person.

She has no concern about what other people think of her, she can laugh at herself and has very little regrets.

She falls in love easily and always smells good, she is easily misjudged by people if they don't take the chance to get to know tay.

"That girl is such a Tay."
"Tay is such an inspiration."
by happy.chap1 February 15, 2009
a hot ass blonde girl that everyone loves! :)
omg shes so chill it must be tay!
by hfanf April 08, 2008
A word used in western washington to describe cute girls while in there presence. Directly translates into Beautiful, Model, Gorgeous and or Cute
Gabe: Look over there two tays!
Cory: wow the one on the left is very tay!
by 240kid February 04, 2009
Vietnamese word meaning both westerner and potato. Gosh, them thar folk in the east really had it in for us.
Lan: Gosh, that guy was cute as, Song!
Song: Come on Lan, he was a tay.
Lan: True...

Tracy: What do you want for dinner, kids?
Fung: Custard
Tracy: Well we're having tay.
Fung: Yum Yum Western flesh!
Tracy: I meant potato you douche.
Fung: We have potato every night, mothafucka!!!
by come along pond November 26, 2011
Short for Booty. Or Boo'tay as it pronounced by some.
That chick's got a nice "tay."

I wanta meet Sara, I heard she's got a bomb "tay."
by Prince317 February 13, 2008

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