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An attractive girl with an attractive mom. Common jargon in scenarios with moms and daughters in same place, like a soccer game, student conference, choir concert, or maybe even at the grocery store if your a lucky stud. The sighting of a Tay Bay Swizzle is a rare one, usually these sightings are followed by wild chanting or hooting and howling. The equivalent is like sighting a unicorn, the sight is just that pleasurable to the masculine emotions.
-Stud "Woof woof!!!, bro i just spotted me some TAY BAY SWIZZLE, gonna be some tag team. lol"

-Teacher conference "i would just like to congratulate myself at sighting this B.E.A.Utiful TAY BAY SWIZZLE here at Gaylord High."
by Prada Gucci'o January 10, 2012
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