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A device intended for use in emergency situations on Oregon's Mount Hood. In a whiteout, climbers will activate the Tauntaun Locater Unit to summon tauntauns from their top-secret stable at the top of the Palmer Chair Lift. They will then mount the noble steeds and ride them to safety at Gaper Headquarters (the Timberline Lodge Parking Lot). In especially dire conditions, a climber may cut a tauntaun open and burrow inside for warmth. This is a dangerous practice, however, as it may attract wampa ice creatures.
Gaper #1: "I tried to climb Mt Hood but got lost 100 feet above Timberline. I have a GPS, so I would have thought success was guaranteed."

Gaper #2: "It was very foolish of you to attempt der Mordwand without a Tauntaun Locater Unit. You should go to REI right now and get one!"
by Dan Forester May 15, 2007
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