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a womans breast. plural: tatas. A derivitive of tit.
Her tatas were huge.
I saw her tata last night.
by Bobo October 25, 2004
342 237
1) an extremely posh way of saying good-bye. As in ttfn

2) a woman's breast
1) Bob: see you later
Angelique: Ta-ta!

2) Dat bitch got some huge ta-tas!

by toolg June 09, 2003
80 22
A word Used to say good bye;Mostly used by the rich or the corny
"Ta ta Mother." Christy yelled as she drove off.
by Kizzy2o05 June 25, 2005
130 75
Indian car company known for buying strugling automobile brands.
GM Manager: Oh no, I heard Tata is buying GM.

UAW employee: Who?
by King Tate January 05, 2009
119 79
a girl who thinks she's funny and laughs way too much
She's a tatum. Annoying as a cat.
by amanda 1998 eat me February 05, 2012
76 61
A small-boobed girl.

She is normally found laughing at her own jokes.

Eats cucmbers and hohos.
People with the name Tatum tend to like the color purple and have hazel eyes. Easily fooled and fall in love with black boys constantly.
The best thing about a girl named Tatum is she's unlike most people... and I fucking love her for it.
'Imma poop on your face <3'

Swallow my Doodoo.

I love Tatum :)
by MoronicRabbitsFTW September 22, 2011
89 80
slang term for breast
That girl has some nice ta ta's.
by torie may March 09, 2005
100 96