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Pronounced "Tat - E - Bounce - Ur": A girl whose cleavage is really hanging out of a lowcut shirt. Usually worn at a bar or club, where said girl is dancing or bopping her tatties around in front of guys. The girl also probably loves NYC, Hoboken and of course,the Jersey Shore.

These girls always know the plan for the night and usually coordinate them.

Places Tatty Bouncers are found: DJais in Belmar, Bar A in Belmar, Jenkinsen's in Point Pleasant, Headliner in Neptune, Temptations in Seaside Heights, Neptunes in the Long Island, Bordy Barn in Long Island, Bahama Mama's in Hoboken, Black Bear in Hoboken, Sound Factory in NYC, Club Exit in NYC, Studio Four in Ft. Lee, Soundgarden in Lodi, Chevy's (for Cinco de Mayo)in Clifton...and many MANY more!

Also can be used as a verb...see examples.
Look at that Tatty Bouncer over there...Nice shirt, whore.

Are you going to go Bounce Your Tats tonight at Bar A?

Yo, Tatty Bouncer, what's the deal for tonight?
by A Tatty Bouncer's Friend May 31, 2006
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