a school in wilmington delaware where pompous assholes flock to in order to gain some sort of reputation. then they flaunt the fact they went to this puny institution like they were fuckin doogie houser or something
Yea. I went to tatnall. Bet you're glad you met me, huh? Now you can pretend you're my friend
-note: most tatnall kids who pull this shit on sallies kids get cut. bad.
by billy-bo jim-bob April 19, 2005
A school in wilmington delaware, that is full of hunch backs, small boobs, and hors. Most of the people that go there have such big egos that they cant even go to sleep at night without thinking about themselves. The guys are pussies, and the girls are sluts. Some people are also gay, for example one person one a little league championship and he is now very proud of himself and thinks he is the best...and he has the worlds smallest penis....others go around pretending like their paris hilton by imitating words she says such as hot and i am sure they will be coming out with a sex video soon.. so keep in tune
God Damn Tatnall sux ass
by FUCK U MOTHER FUCKERS April 30, 2005
A small co-educational school located in Wilmington, Delaware that aspires to be exactly like Tower Hill. However, they have not yet realized that it is entirely impossible, because they are completely second rate in academics and athletics among other things. The girls can never be as pretty or fashionable as the THS girls, because they are mostly all sluts, excluding the ones that have the decency to wear a shirt that actually fits them, and the guys can only try to copy the statements that they see THS guys making when they are at away games and such. The only shred of acceptability that Tatnall has is that some of the THS kids that leave go to school there, making 1% of the population cool. Tatnall tries to out-do THS in sports by having their own cheerleading squad, which THS does not have, but what they actually are succeeding in doing is getting laughed at. There is also a familiar stench lurking about the school, especially in the bathrooms. Basically, Tatnall is just a group of Tower Hill wanna-bes with STDs.
(1) The day that Tatnall accepts the fact that they can never surpass Tower Hill is the day that pigs fly.
(2) "I go to Tatnall. I pretend to hate Tower Hill when truthfully all I really want to do is become a hiller."
by sweet one, tatnall March 30, 2005
tatnall is a small, private school located in greenville, delaware. contrary to popular belief, no one from tatnall actually wants to be like any of the problem children at tower hill. why? because they're retarded and think that just because they have a good field hockey team they're the shit at sports. altough many tatnall girls are bitches to eachother, in actuality, they're usually nice to people out of school. only if you deserve it. tatnall has long been known to pop out a batch of particularly hot girls, along with the occasionally hot guy. while tower hill is home to only guys who try to be hot but they're just not, and girls who have their heads way too far up their own asses. just because there are a few sluts at tatnall, does not mean the rest of the girls are. but hey, all school have them.
although there may be a few sluts at tatnall, they don't even compare to kristen schindler (friends) and fran glick (tower hill).
by nice, tower hill April 03, 2005
A private school that totally rocks your schools ass
I lurn reel good frum Tower Hill! YaaaaaaaaY!!!
by you know you love me February 28, 2005
a school in delawere that thinks they are cooler than tower hill which they usually are
i was too stupid for tower hill so i went to tatnall
by hiyahman February 07, 2005
the preppiest school in the world with the most bangin ppl and the hottest chicks ther are relle ugly guys but towerhill is definately not better because everyone leaves there school to come to tatnall
tatnall people dont know what they would do if they couldn't pop their collars
by YO March 18, 2005

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