tarq (tärq)
n. adj.
1. A substitute for fuck, in a public place, so that no one is offended.


No 'ing' is added when speaking the word as an adjective.
That kid is a stupid tarq, dontcha think?
This math homework is tarq hard, jesus.
by yubda July 08, 2009
Top Definition
The funnest most random person who drives a hemi. Tarq's are random, fast, and unable to be controlled. Tarq's like adventure, but usually have a unadventerous job to hide their disguise. Tarq. Can't live without em. Tarq's fix everything
Where's Tarq? I need him to fix my computer? There he goes, he's in his hemi.
by megalishousmeggastar August 20, 2010
1)an insane powerdriven psyco taht runs an online game know as dwl. also enjoys pepsi.
2)when somebody craps out of their face
opps i tarqed myself
by Lue January 15, 2004
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