A type of Juicy Tuna Fish.
Pass me that Tariq sandwich over there please?

Go suck the juice out of Tariq over there.
by Mohammed Yasin April 20, 2006
A paypalestinian drag queen who works as an undercover agent for Mossad. He walks the streets in a blue suede burqa. Rumor has it that he's also a double-agent for the militant lesbian group, Lezbollah.
Look at that Tariq over there smoking his Noblesse with a limp wrist.
by G-Hodd April 27, 2005
The ugliest person on the fucking planet, takes shits in his sleep, and masturbates during class. He sucks up to his mom because he's scared that his dad is going to anally rape, and cum on his ear. Tariq usually buys shawarma at lunch to drown in calories and forget about his terrible life. Tariq likes cock and swallowing it whole, with his buddy Weesam. Tariq eats chili to hot box his room in fart, and hopefully die by breathing in too much methane. Fuck you Tariq. Fuck you.
Hey momo, what are you doing?
"nothing about to go eat shawarma with Tariq and Wesam"
by DaddyDuckFucker December 13, 2012
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