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A tiresome dull-witted ugly woman (especially in N.Ireland)
"Are you still seeing Big Julie? I can't believe you're going out with a targe like her."
by seeformiles May 10, 2007
Instead of "Target", because the low-end store actually has some style inside.
Tara: Where'd you get that uber-cool communist-era track jacket?

Dan: Duh. Targé.
by girlkinetic June 18, 2006
a fucking lame way to say 'target'.
1 - where'd you buy those?
2 - targe!

*breakdance battle.
by shewwane September 16, 2008
A tryannical, ill-tempered woman; a battle-axe (Northern Ireland)
That targe in the dole office never stops bustin' my chops to get a job
by Bingalingding April 15, 2008
Slang term used to describe a Russian sailor. Came about through the failure to enter "Target" into a video game high score board.
Screw you Targe!

Haha, "Targe"

by Sid January 02, 2005