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Trying to get your point across by repeating the same thing over and over again in a retarded loop. Attempting to change the outcome. This is typically in a customer service setting where the loop-ee can do very little to aid the looper.
The following is a Tard Loop:

Tard: "I would like an apple please"
Clerk: "I'm sorry, we are out of apples, we will have more tomorrow. Would you like something else?"
Tard: "I really need an apple, I haven't had an apple all day."
Clerk: "I'm sorry..."
Tard: "I was really counting on having an apple, I like them"
Clerk: "I'm sorry,we'll have some by 8am"
Tard: "But I enjoy apples, I've eaten an apple every day since Nam"
Clerk: "....sorry... would you like an orange"
Tard: "I'm just disappointed, apple aaappleeeee."
by Jeraebb March 10, 2011
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