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A person who is a fan of a genre but only in a modified form from it's original medium. These term is commonly attributed to people who like comic books but know nothing about them outside of what they learn from movies, T.V. or what they are told by other people. This term was cleary created when video tape was the best method for watching shows and movies.
Guy one: "Dude the story between The Mandarin and Iron man is so cool the whole technology Vs. Magic thing is pretty awesome."
Guy two: "yeah but Tony Starks pro slavery stance in the civil war serise still gets to me."
Guy one: "ugh we are not getting into this again."
Guy three: "what magic? The Mandarin was just a puppet for A.I.M. and when did Tony Stark go back in time and fight the Civil war?
Guy two: "God your such a damn tape fan crack open a comic book."
by fader48080 January 19, 2014
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