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Someone from Guadalajara, Jalisco. Contrary to the other posts, this does NOT encompass those from the entire state, only from this city.
Could the best team in Mexico have been from none other than from the Tapatio motherland?
by Javy Casanova April 03, 2006
some one from jaliso mexico (ussually a mix between the spanish that settled in guadalajara and mixed with the indians there) tapatios ussually ave very light skin and sometimes have red hair or freckles (most of the women on spanish Tv are tapatias
1.The girls in south mexico are too dark for me I like tapatias
2.I can't stand tapatios an there stupid ass marcahi
3.I hate Chivas (the most popular soccor team in mexico from guadalajara)and tapatios
4.a hot sauce made in guadalajara
by Eltapatio January 18, 2005
a mexican hot sauce that almost every mexican has in their kitchen
el chile tapatio sabe buenisimo
by Sav Bhandari December 06, 2009
A good-looking Mexican male. Has a really nice face a really nice body. He's nice, smart and funny. He is the total package.
The guy down the street is a Tapatio.
by Charice November 18, 2007
A very very good looking male/female. Someone who is extremely HOT!
"OMG!!! Do you see that tapatio across the street?!??"

"Look....Look....Look.....there's a tapatio to your left!!"

This occurs in Hawaii when all the dudes are shirtless and all the chicks are in little bikinis ALL year round. There are Tapatios EVERYWHERE!
by tapatiostalkergurls June 14, 2011
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