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1. Simply amazing Rock n' Roll band of incredibly talented musicians who played the greater bay area from approximatly 1999 thru 2003.

2.James DePrato (Guitar) Nick Heustis (Bass) Phil Hodges (Drums) Danilo Lopez (Percussion,Vocals) Eli Nelson (Guitar,Vocals) David Scott (keyboards, Vocals) Michael Sullivan (Sound Engineer)

3. Strange unexplained sound heard by most but not all people in the Taos New Mexico area.
1. Have you ever seen Taos Hum? They are f**kin amazing, you really ought to check them out.

3. What was that strange humming noise I heard when I was in Taos N.M.?
#rock n' roll #awesome #bay area #unexplained #musicians #toas hum #jam band #guitar god
by wajjaw August 17, 2009
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