murderer, whore, slut, bitch
that Tani is such a slutty murderer.
by hatersmakemefamous June 28, 2009
Unknown person who sits around doing nothing all day eccept playing on his gameboy advance, not making a sound, standing up on the tube, helpless little thing with fuzzy hair in wierd places, a perfect pet for a depressed goth wanting to make a human/animal/thing sacrafice to some wierd unknown god called Erik
Tani Mc Dowel A Boy in My Class
by Zitt Munch September 17, 2004
A talking penis. A person that is being a dick
Ally : OMG, steven!!! Fuck you

steven: Hey, shut the hell up tanis!
by Livstrong December 11, 2010
The nearly microscopic area between the taint and the anus. Because of its proximity to the literal asshole, 'tanis' is often used as an insult intended to signify that the person in question associates with assholes.
Hanging out with Stunkel again? You're such a tanis, Glenn.
by Jerome Sampson January 07, 2011
is a total bitch
snotty, stuck up, bitch, etc...tanis
by someotherguybythenameof February 07, 2010

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