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Something a guy says to his buddy when he thinks his friend should get with a girl. To encourage a friend to go for a girl, possibly involving an uber cheesy pick up line. Can also mean to tap some booty, or get with a hot chick usually way outta your league.
Brandon- Man Shelby is so hot! I mean look at her!..

Chris- Dude.. Tang it.

Jeff- Dude tang that girl, I know you want her.

Garrett- Yeah, but dude she's smokin!

Jeff- Good point you fatass.
by Overrated? June 29, 2009
means to smash it, or beat it, or break it.

jamal: tang it blud
adnan: nah man, low it its already fucked blud
jamal: init, alright lets go tang up that corner shop den init
by dredster July 20, 2008

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