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Cute hairstyles, a face that causes you to wonder if you're dreaming, eyes that melt your knees, a body that makes your heart go doki doki, a smile that makes the worst day in your life seem okay, a personality that speaks to you, talent that goes beyond great...Tanaka Reina, a living, breathing definition of awsome.

Member of Jpop idol group, Morning Musume. Entered Morning Musume through the 'Morning Musume Love Audition 2002' as their 6th generation (along with Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi and then Hello! Project soloist, Fujimoto Miki). 6th gen debuted with Shabondama (MM 19th single), with Reina taking lead. The single sold over 150,000 copies.

Reina had also tried her luck with the 'Morning Musume Love Audition 21', but did not make it (glad she decided not to give up).

Do not mix up Tanaka Reina with Japanese actress, Tanaka Rena.
How many Tanaka Reinas does it take to change a lightbulb? None. The correct question should be, how many people can Tanaka Reina get to change a lightbulb FOR her. Answer; as many as she damn well pleases.
by Cha Shu Men November 04, 2006
Member of J-POP group Morning Musume. Attracting paedophiles like it's nobody's bizness since she joined as a 12 year old.

Till this day, she still looks like a 12 year old.
OMFG! I'm gonna buy like 3 Tanaka Reina realdolls and have a f-ing 4-some!!! AWESOME!!!

*sound of FBI crashing through the door 1 minute later*
by dik master's son September 10, 2011
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