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A phrase used to describe a girl wearing an insanely short skirt or dress. It is usually a yellow piece of clothing. The girl in question can be, but does not have to be, a slore.
Lauren: Oh my god! Did you see that yellow skirt Briana was wearing today?

Claire: I know! I could totally see her tampon string!

Lauren: This is absurd!
by bonelookingforahome February 01, 2011
the real one: it is something that is connected to your tampon which collects the nice smelly salmon scent that exits out of the second hole of the vagina.

the funny one: when your messing with someone
Special K: your an ass
Kentucky fried shelby: WHAT DID I DO?
Special K: im just pulling your tampon string.
by keeeelllsssyyy November 06, 2007
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