Delaware Indian Chiefs and Leaders

Chief Tammany

TAMMANY, Indian chief,who lived in the 17th century. He was chief of the Delawares, He was known by and called several names :Temane, Tamenand, Taminent, Tameny, and Tammany. According to one account, he was the first Indian to welcome William Penn to this country, and was a party to Penn's famous treaty.Tamanend was the sachem or trusted spokesman of his village.


Tammany as the greatest and best chief known to Delaware tribal tradition.

Whites considered him a great man. In the Revolutionary war his enthusiastic admirers dubbed him a saint...St. Tammany, the Patron Saint of America. His name was inserted in some calendars, and his festival celebrated on the first day of May in every year."

"Sons of King Tammany," with strongly Loyalist tendency. It is probable that the "Saint Tammany" society was a later organization of Revolutionary sympathizers opposed to the kingly idea

To this early period belongs their great chief Tamenend from whom the Tammany Society takes its name.
Tammany - The beaver. amiable, honest, loving
by Delware Tribe February 11, 2010
Top Definition
Irish name meaning Honesty. A female name but previously male given to the firstborn son of Thomas
My name is Tammany
by Tammany February 03, 2010
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