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an amazing and really not too hard to do activity
A) Find a person that doesnt care too much about what you think or say

or, the easiest of the 2

B) Walk up to a wall, quite cautiously in fact, because some walls are very paranoid, politly introduce yourself and being talking to it as if it were listening to you, as we all know that walls are not sentient beings, as opposed to the mattress*, who we all know are poached in the swamplands of Sqornshellous Zeta, dried out and sold to sleep on.

(*everything about the mattress is accredited by Douglas Adams)
A) Talking to her is like talking to a wall

B) If you get bored, try talking to walls
by moose face...cakes May 11, 2006

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An indie-rock band from New Haven, CT
Talking To Walls is like The Replacements meets Cure.
by dc-music-lover March 05, 2009