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April 1, 2010. Talk like a Zombie day is a lot like Talk like a Pirate Day, but lets face it. Randomly sounding like a zombie in the middle of a sentence is way cooler than going 'aar'.
Wherever you are in the world, all you need to do to celebrate Talk like a Zombie Day is occasionally to insert unintelligible syllables like "grrrraaaaggh" or "aaaeeeeggg" into your speech. Arms held straight out in front and tilted head with drooling mouth and blank stare are bonus but optional. Think 'Shawn of the Dead.' And , morning pre-coffee syndrome is the perfect camouflage for the subtle zombie imitation.
"Happy Talk Like a Zombie Day! I'm graaarghggggh so hungry I could just eat some braaaaaaiiinns"
by ArchaeoAD March 29, 2010

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