mm. delicious music. i adore.
"if you need me, i'm out on the parkway, patiently waiting for headlights dressed in a fashion that's suited to the inconsistencies of my mood... it's times like these when silence means everything, and no one is to know about this..."
by Apostrophe Loon June 07, 2004
Taking Back Sunday's first album was amazing but now that John has left and they produced their new album, let's just say they aren't my favorite band of all time anymore.
Taking Back Sunday died with Nolan.

No examples?
by Malfunctionn August 02, 2004
has a hotttt lead singer. used to be good. now they're on mtv.
wtf is tbs doing on mtv?
by Angela February 08, 2005
untalented emo band made popular by the corporate whores seen on MTV. some key features include cliched pseudo-intellecual lyrics, elementary guitar skills, basic drum beats and bass lines. but you can mostly recognize them by their horrible vocalist, teenage girls try to say, "hes just expressing his emotions" no hes whining like a little pussy, theres a difference. a man who expresses his emotions is Maynard James Keenan of "Tool" and "A Perfect Circle". retarded musically inept people will say "goths listen to Tool, therefore everyone in Tool are freaks and you become one by listening to them". but people seem to forget that most of the best artists in history were insane. and maynard only acts weird on stage, hes a normal person off stage.
Taking Back Sunday is just a fad, like NSYNC was about 6 years ago. In a few years, they will have vanished from the whole scene, Tool will be remembered.
by Dan January 28, 2005
a stupid fucking gay ass piece of shit emo band that sucks big black hairy balls. AKA josh gilman and sydney ingram the worst band EVER!!! blink 182 also emo band also sucks big fat wang. you may think its punk but its just shitty fucking lyrics and gay fucking music by stupid 17-year olds that haven't hit puberty yet.
fuck emo!!
fuck it in the ear!!
emo isn't music
by yesiam hung December 05, 2005
An OK band fronted by Adam Lazzara.
Adam Lazzara, what a fool.
by umandstuff October 30, 2004
Haha, Taking Back Sunday are Emo? Since fucking when?

Lol. "taking back sunday are the hottest emo band around"

"omfg, adam lazzara is teh seckS!!11111"
by XJAKEX!!1 May 09, 2005
the most amazing, talented, wonderful punk band ever.. also my future husbands.. :)
so were talking forever and
you almost feel better
but betters no excuse for tonight
you see its never bad enough
to just leave or give up
but its never good enough to feel right
by yourownxdisaster July 06, 2004

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