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This relationship is over. I will tell you "let's take a break" because it seems like there is a chance that everything will work out, but I don't want to be with you, so that won't happen. This is often used in conjunction with several lies to make the other person "feel better" about the situation.
"Maybe we should just take a break"
"Ummm, okay..."
"Don't worry, I'm sure everything will be fine, I just need some space and time to figure things out"
"Are you dumping me?"
"No way, you're my girl!" (Lie)
"Of course..." (Lie)
by PerleyGirly August 15, 2007
What urbandictionary says when you can't edit anymore.
*click click publish publish don't publish idk*
"NOOOOOOOOOOO! I don't wanna take a break! Damn you urbandictionay!"
by HighlyEndowed May 11, 2009
when someone needs to take a crap and usually brings an iPad or iPhone. sometimes the break takes up to 30 minutes.
~man! i got to take a break. oh! almost forgot my iPhone.

Jake - Dude, hurry up! i got to pee!
Carl - wait man i'm taking a break still
by hiphop fan #1 December 12, 2010
Something that an urban dictionary editor needs to do when they reach the end of the list of words.
Take a break bro, I know you're interested about what I got to say. It's fucking funny and you make me laugh everyday. I'm a nobody but you make it look like I'm a somebody.
by you need me? April 03, 2010
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