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Basically means take that dick. Best used when during rough sex if the receiver is being a whiny bitch. This phrase was used as a double entendre in Drake's "Best I Ever Had" video. In the video, he is coaching a women's basketball team. In the huddle he says to them, "Now when you're out there, and they put that D on you, TAKE THAT D! Take that D like the champions you are." obviously referring to defense, but we all knew damn well what the underlying message was.

Also, very threatening when used by a rapist.
Girl: "OMG, that hurts. Can you please be gentle?"

Boy: "Bitch, you better TAKE THAT D!"

Girl: OMG, please take all of my money. Don't hurt me, please I won't tell.

Rapist: Shut the fuck up and take that d before I kill you.
by bbromgwtf November 03, 2009
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