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The act of stopping all operations and tasks at hand to go release a large load of fecal matter. Generally includes the removal of all clothing just to get comfortable, bringing a Phone to text, listen to music, and check your fb. Also a good time to do your homework. No one will bother you whilst doing such an act because of the horrible smell. Good idea to shower afterwards. This is only done at home or a comfortable facility. Coined by Von who refuses to use public restrooms unless deemed necessary. Can be used to leave work, awkward situations,
Von: I gotta go home...
boss: Why?
von: cause i gotta take a 20!
boss: whats that?
von: uhmmmm..its kinda hard to explain
(long puase)
Von: i dont use public bathrooms...
boss: you gotta shit?you better go in the office over there
von: yes... seriously I NEED to TAKE A 20!
by DeltaBravoAlpha December 15, 2011
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