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A traditional Taiwanese mating procedure involving the following steps:
1. A traditional, wholesome Taiwanese dinner, often including a noodle dish.
2. The aquaintance of the visiting partner (usually the male) with the other partners' parents.
3. The relocation of the couple into a dimly lit room (one with the pungent scent of damp spring-time bamboo.)
3.5 The female then excreciated (via the anal cavity) all the noodles that have been consumed in the earlier meal.
4. The exposure of the female's anal sphincter (asshole).
5. The execution of a rimjob by the male partner (often dubbed the "taiwanese rimsy.") This is a complex procedure known as the "Hokai-Sansim," in which the male must effectively clean the sphincter with his toungue, consuming any left over noodles.
6. The final step is the letting of blood onto the male partner's chest and clothing.
Please remember that all Taiwanese partners are likely to engage or attempt to engage in this traditional and somewhat sacred ritual.

"Dude I just pulled off the incredible Taiwan job last night on this Taiwanese chick in her apartment."

"Dude awesome- but there's a noodle hanging from your lip. I never knew a Taiwan job could be so messy."
by BAMBOO4U June 26, 2007
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