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Based on the man himself - Voltaire Desacada. A 'Tairism':

1. Is when a conversation is in progress, you dont know whats going on and tend to open ones mouth and say something that makes no sense and bares no relevance to the topic.

2. Also applies when the oppisite outcome of an intended situation occurs.
1. Senrok: i don't like cats, they come over for a rub then go
Taire: yeah..... its like women.......in clubs
Senrok: oh dear, there's another Tairism. GuAd. OmFg. LoL.

2. Taire: yeah i'm definately coming out tonight
Paul Moon: haven't you got work?
Taire: I'm gona tell my boss that I want to quit
**Taire enters place of work and returns**
Taire: yeah guys I can't come out and I've got overtime for tomorrow
by Maloon May 08, 2006

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