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Throwing a beer can/bottle into a swing lid trash can from a hot tub. Filling the empty beer full of hot tub water is usually required to have enough force to open the trash can swing lid.

Basic Rules:
- Must finish the beer inside hot tub before throwing
- Must throw from within the hot tub
- If can/bottle goes completely outside the fence surrounding the hot tub, thrower must retrieve can/bottle before throwing again.
"Bring the 30 rack, we'll need it at the tub for Tahoe Toss"

"Joe really biff'd that last throw," says Sherry. "He'll have a fun time hopping the fence and searching for it barefoot in the foot of snow"

"Fuck girls... I just want to play Tahoe Toss"

"Remember when Johnny made 5 in a row for Tahoe Toss??" says Sean. "Johnny use to be metal"
by dancefloordale December 04, 2009
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Defecate in your hand and toss it at the carson city hooker of your choice, or any hooker for that matter.

best when done while listening to soulja boy.
When laquiesha said she wanted 300 roses to speak greek, I TAHOE TOSSED that ho
by Franklin the karaoke god December 03, 2007

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