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A Tahoe 10 is a female who would be considered hot in the Lake Tahoe region, but wouldn't receive the time of day anywhere else. It's no secret that Tahoe is the sausage-fest capital of the West Coast. Any man who heads up there with expectations of nailing hot pieces of ass belongs in the psych ward. You're delusional dude.

The ladies, on the other hand, absolutely love Tahoe. And why wouldn't they? They have their pick of the litter (and by litter I mean snow kooks who have no intellect whatsoever, smell, and take shits wearing their beanies), they get checked out regardless of how they look, and basically never have to doll themselves up because they're few and far between. If you have tits and a vag, you're basically a Tahoe 10.

There are of course exceptions to the rule, but these are exceptions. The rule is the Tahoe 10, typically a 6 in Sacramento, a 4 in San Francisco, and a 2 in SoCal.

This term originated from The Extreme Scene's website,
I wouldn't touch that bitch if we were back home. She's definitely a Tahoe 10. I need a few more beers to decide if I should talk to her.
by Pirate Salsa May 13, 2009
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