English slang name for someone from Wales.
You like leeks don't you Taff?
by Da Beast March 24, 2003
Top Definition
More precisely - British slang for a resident of Cardiff and it's environs (from the River Taff which runs through it). Derived from the days when Cardiff was the busiest sea port in the world (due to coal exports) - "Taff" or "Taffy" was a reference to the workers on the docks.
I love my Taffy buddies.
by Dan Fox June 25, 2003
Have a pull, a wank, a flog, a taff.
Fuck my arse she's spanking, might duck off for a taff.
by THAT77GUY7 September 20, 2015
Where back in the day it may of meant Welshmen originating from around the Cardiff area or River Taff area, now usually mean someone from the whole South Wales area.
A commen misconception though is that all people from Wales are called TAFF..wrong people from North Wales are commenly known as Gogs because North in Welsh is Goggledd.

Saying all that there is also the rumour that TAFF stands for....Thick As Fucking Fuck
Hey up Taff hows things going.

Yeah fuck you Taff!!!

Wow Taff is amazing I love him.
by Mike767 February 02, 2008
a Taff is someone from Wales. See Paddy
Ay, get out of here you Taffs!
by Craig June 15, 2004
to do those usual things, work, going out, dining, wining etc etc
To accompany the saying 'Tiffs, Taffs and Tantrums'.

Tiffs - arguements, quarrels, lovers tiffs.
Taffs - those usual things.
Tantrums - tears, upsets, unloved.
by Long Johns August 03, 2011
A slang arab word, usually used by university students to reject a certain idea or event. Needs some practice until it can be used in context, and will someday hopefully spread to Canada.
Hey man, lets taff this joint.

*guy 1 puts on tv show, guy 2 finds it boring* Guy 2 says taff man taff.

Guy 1: Man come on, we've got class in 5 minutes!
Guy 2: Who cares man! taff!!!
by Think Tank July 04, 2006
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