The true bastard style, tae kwon do is a mixture of several different styles including karate, the style most tae kwon do schools teach to be inferior. In truth, tae kwon do is nearly impossible to use effectively because of the long kicks that open up the groin and other vital areas and the lack of punching to the head. I know i seem to be preaching, but i saw a 3rd degree black belt in tae kwon do get trounced by a brown belt in karate, so yeah.
Tae kwon do is lame and ineffective
by stoolybird October 26, 2006
A system of gay kicks that can be defeated by practically any other martial art, especially grappling arts.
Don't make me send the Gracies to school yo gay taekwondo ass.
by Yojimbo March 07, 2007

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