Scot's form of "to"
tae be or no tae be, thit is the question
by brendan May 20, 2004
1. A word used to describe the moment when the sun breaks over the horizon in the morning.
2. Anything non-bowel movement related.
-Did you see the tae this morning?
--Yeah it was nice.
#sunrise #cool #bright #morning #dawn #daybreak
by psychhhh May 01, 2009
Ang susunod na mangyayari pagkatapos mong umutot ng sunod sunod. Minsan may kasama pang corn.
Tignan mo tae ko may kasamang mais, teka pwede pa ata 'to.. *munch*

Ok that example was gross, but I know u were thinking it.
#tae #etchas #igit #tubol #utot
by Explodia August 02, 2007
Filipino slang for fiance.
Mom...dad, this is my Tae.
#fiance #girl #parents #marriage #groom
by naknumm May 15, 2007
a nickname for an older filipina sister
Hey, Tae, what did you do today?
#sister #filipina #older #nickname #ate
by tae's sister April 25, 2006
she works at the Akubecko (sp?) in the anime Rurouni Kenshin. She's cool.
Tae lets Sano keep adding stuff to his tab! O_O
by Eddy October 20, 2003
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