Small nuggets of crack cocaine.
"Fuck man, where we gonna find some tades??!! I'm fiending"
"Search that dead prostitutes pockets!"
#crack #coke #cocaine #rock #prostitute
by Morgau April 20, 2007
Top Definition
A popular clan on Xbox Live. Most known for not being able to be found via the internet and the only way to get in is to meet a member in a game, which can be quite rare. The leader is Titanium Tade on Xbox and only ever plays with members of the clan and has still, to the day, never been seen on a game on youtube.
Holy shit, look its a Tade member, you think its legit or another fake?
#tade #titanium #fucking awesome #holy shit #tade member
by Fireheart0011 June 20, 2013
A mixture of sweet tea with lemonade
my grandmother made tade and sandwiches for lunch.
#sweet tea #lemonade #drink #tea #iced
by pat mac2 July 15, 2008

Used to describe greacy, wet, damp areas
"retaded" or retarded
Armenian for "today"
tada!that retaded tade is leavin taday! tadellulieua!

those pajamas are so tade!
#tade #today #retaded #tadellelulia #tattoo
by Uncle Katsuhisa April 27, 2008
a black african pussy
by Anonymous March 04, 2003
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