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Taconite Curtain is a play on words from the iron curtain (meaning russian and the eastern bloc countries of the cold war). It refers to the slow progress and backward tendencies of people from Minnesota's great white tundra. The boom in mining created many cities along the iron range of Minnesota that have Taconite is iron-bearing rock that is mined in northern Minnesota.
Snowmobiles and ATVs are like candy to kids behind the taconite curtain.

Even after garnering fame, Bob Dylan was still despised by some behind the taconite curtain.

The new 21st century recession has had little effect on the constantly depressed cities behind the taconite curtain.

Behind the taconite curtain all kids knew was shoveling snow and playing hockey, and shoveling snow got old fast.
by mevdev May 29, 2009
A symbolic, ideological and physical boundary separating the northeastern section of Minnesota from the rest of the state.
You gotta remember that a lot of people HATED the lanky kid with the nasal voice--until he moved away and got famous. There are still plenty of haters here behind the taconite curtain, but maybe not as many.
by a-bombz May 29, 2009
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