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To Cease Anything &/Or Everything That You May Be Doing At Any Given Time Of Day(or night) & Go Directly To Taco Bell For The Best Food On Planet Earth, Particularly The Cheesy Double Beef Burrito.
Guy 1: "You Know What I'm Thinkin?"
Guy 2: "& That Would Be?"
Guy 1: "A Taco Bell Run."
Guy 2: "Dude, It's 2:30 In The Morning!"
Guy 1: "...I Fail To See Your Point."
Guy 2: "You're Right, I'm Drivin."
by ECTenorDrummer August 06, 2009
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1.) Leaving with the intention of getting food, but winding up at a bar all night.
What ever happened to guy, he left four hours ago?
I think he made a Taco Bell run.
by Knotz September 26, 2010
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