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to forcefully hit another person in the face with the lips of your vagina, leaving a taco-like print on the face of the victim. much like a mushroom slap, in female form.
Alex, im going to taco slap you so hard, you will carry around a taco everywhere for days...if you don't do what i say!
by kaalbe May 17, 2011
24 10
When your at taco bell and you buy a taco for yourself and ask your friend if they want anything and when they say no you buy it anyway and slap them with it.
Hey Preston do you want a taco man?

Preston: no

:Pulls around to drivethrough window, gets taco bag. Opens it. (Preferably softshell with lot of sour cream) and commences in an outrageously hard splatter tacoslap.
by hedonedidit January 10, 2011
4 1
The female equivalent of tea-bagging.
"Noob: Stop tea-bagging me.
Player 1: I'm a girl. I'm taco slapping you.
Noob: *Rage Quit* "
by Kyoei March 05, 2012
1 2
to slap someone's burrito looking ass
dude did see javier just taco slap squanto, shit was raw
by mjwalker04 December 08, 2009
7 12