Noun (singular) - less common: A forcible bowel movement that adheres to the interior of the toilet bowl.

N (plural) - more common: The condition of having explosive lower gastrointestinal distress due to poor meals.
"Dude, after those 12 burritos and seven beers, I had Taco Shots this morning."

"The pledge noticed, prepared to clean stall #3, that a large Taco Shot had been left on the back of the bowl."
by Freezy Fruster May 03, 2009
Top Definition
Eating a soft shell taco in one bite
He just finished 6 tacos in 5 minutes! He must be taking taco shots
by Menisaphis February 06, 2011
The last bit of a french press not enough to be a full cup...but to much to waste.

Comparable to an espresso shot, though not as strong.
Hey, I made coffee, do you want the taco shot?
by mellowmeows February 23, 2014
A candid, but sometimes intentional glimpse of a woman's vagina, such as in a tabloid photo.
Mike: Did you see those pictures of (insert celebrity)?! You get to see some major taco shot!

Julius: Now way! The whole snatch!?
by Charles Dingus April 16, 2010
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