1)When you're not quite sure what to type into a text message.
2)An awkward-moment-filler in any conversation.
3)A nice closure word.
You've gotta be here to enjoy this. What do you think? Would you like to join me for a date tonight? Yes.

..Scratch that- TABO!
by Asian Laura June 06, 2007
Top Definition
A bucket Filipinos use to wash their ass.
HOY yo/hey! Ur puet butt is so dirty! WASH IT WITH A TABO!
by Raquella July 10, 2008
Means Taco, cept with a B. Cause in the stupid T-9 on my damn phone, it doesnt seem to have Taco. Taco, no longer is the word, for Taco. TABO is. Apparently.
I ate a Tabo today at TaboBell.

Dude, my phone says Tabo instead of Taco....
by Pie Flavor February 11, 2010
man with small penis
She couldn't even feel anything, he's a total tabo.
by steven d.p. July 11, 2006
When something looks bad. Used to comment on others appearance.
Wow that Trump guy is pretty tabo.
by ClasMrAl May 19, 2016
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