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A man who likes to suck the massive cock while riding a beast of burden on the way to tijuana, while jack hammering mickey mouse in the face, with a large bottle of Sprite.
"Man, I pulled a tyc on the way to Mexico today! Do you have some more Sprite?"
by Vegeta187x May 07, 2006
Tight Young Cunt.

1. A younger woman's pussy that is especially small and grips the cock for maximum pleasure.

2. Used as a code word in public between men to describe a younger attractive women whom they want to fuck.

I can't wait to tear into Adonna's TYC tonight.

George was in downtown Philadelphia last week and there was TYC every where he looked.
by George*L July 11, 2006
TYC is Tranmeres Rovers youth firm aka Tranmere Youth Casuals.
Firm 1) Alright fella so ur in the TYC then?
TYC) Yeah fella
Firm 1) R+R fella
TYC) Thanks fella
by 80sCasual February 04, 2008