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TWYS stands for Think While You Suck (My Dick).

Used when someone needs to reconsider or reflect on a stupid question they've just asked.

"TWYS" is used when you can't be pained to answer the question, so you respond with it to make the asker shut up and use their brain.
Zoey: Why does everyone hate me? D:

Bill: TWYS
by MemeRuiner July 26, 2009
Abbreviation for pop punk band The Wonder Years.
No person on earth ever: I hate TWY's album, The Upsides.
by Shayley Bourget September 22, 2012
acronym for "That's what you said". usually used when TWSS or "That's what she said" as a retaliation.
Person 1 "son, this shit is gon be huge"

Person 2 "TWSS"

Person 1"TWYS"
by Thaa Real McFly July 01, 2010
An abbreviation of "talk with you soon" that can be used as an informal sign-off in a letter, instant message or email
Joe - here is the information you requested below. twys, John.
by Ian Duncan October 17, 2007

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