Tight Vagina
Dude Brittney Spears has such a TV.
by eman11 October 01, 2009
short for TransVestite
often used as part of a chat name, e.g. 'jane_tv' believe me, it isn't a young lady who likes watching soap operas.
by sardonix September 25, 2005
A glowing set of Tits and a Vagina. thats seems to attract all people to constantly stare.
All I see on TV is tits trying to sell me shit I don't need.
by the NAD April 25, 2005
some fukin box that wastes ur mind....
i wach it all the time....................... and im not smart..................... at all
by da_friendly_demon December 06, 2003
Something you leave on while you browse the web.
Yeah I think I saw it on TV.
by Kk88 June 11, 2014
Tv stands for television. A family household typically have a tv in their living room. Family members often watch tv on their own or as a family. Many families have big TVs because they want a good view in their living room. Although they may also want big TVs to show off to neighbours.
Hey, let's go watch some tv! I heard there's this cool new show coming on in 10 minutes.
by Who am I though? February 17, 2013
T-V: Tiny vagina.
That bitch had such a T-V I couldn't get a needle in.
by Krissy Tragic Raven August 03, 2011

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