TTFAF means Through the fire and flames, which is IMO the best song by Dragonforce. It got even more famous as being the hardest track in Guitar hero history
Dude, wanna go out?
Nah, i'd trying to 5 star TTFAF on guitar hero 3.
Whats TTFAF?
Through the fire and flames by Dragonforce.
Oh, dude you suck, you wont do it.
Fine ill go out.
by Adzzy December 25, 2007
Top Definition
The acronym/slang for the DragonForce song entitled "Through the Fire and Flames".

Popularity of this song increased dramatically after it was included into Guitar Hero 3, as it was arguably the most difficult song to beat in the game.

The ability to beat this song on the Expert difficulty quickly became a very well known and sought after skill.

Many people began to listen to DragonForce and Through the Fire and Flames, making it the "cool" thing to do.

This prompted Facebook groups such as "I listened to dragonforce before GH3" to be created.
"What are you listening too?"

"Through the fire and the flames man!"

"It's.. there's no .. Why do you think there's only one t in TTFAF? .. cause.. never mind" Sigh*
by Treister September 02, 2008
referencing the popular but extremely hard song "Through the Fire and Flames" by DragonForce. Mainly associated with Guitar Hero.
You can tell all about a person just by seeing how well they are at TTFAF.
Easy (Failed it)-- Wow, this is easy. You shouldn't really be failing anything yet.
Easy (aced it)--woohoo, they're normal.
Medium-- Ok, so they have some Guitar Hero skill.
Hard-- They have a lot of the fake guitar mojo, maybe they should actually try getting some real guitar mojo.
Expert (Ages 10 and above)-- GET A LIFE YOU FREAK!!!
Expert (Ages 7 to 10)-- Y'know, people all think you are crazy good, but you're not impressing your friends because surprise! you don't have any.
Expert (Ages 0-7)-- Everyone knows you are faking it.
...You are faking it, right?
Real Life-- Your name probably is Herman Li.
by Teh Notsopwnererer January 26, 2008
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